A Brief Guide to Performing Umrah

No doubt, Hajj and Umrah are obligations which have a important importance for Muslims from all about the globe. Hajj is regarded as to be on the list of five simple pillars of Islam and it is actually obligatory on every Muslim who has economic and physical capability to travel for the holy city of Mecca for performing Hajj. Umrah is just not as obligatory as hajj but still it can be considered to become a vital part of worship and Muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca and Medina to perform Umrah. Umrah performed throughout the month of Ramadan is regarded as to be equal in reward to performing Hajj.

Having said that, this really is also a bitter reality that the majority of the pilgrims traveling to the Holy Kingdom are unaware on the way to perform Umrah in line with the blessed way of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). That is utmost essential to carry out Umrah in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to become acceptable to Allah (S.W.T). Right here is often a brief guide for performing Umrah obligation.

Initially of all, a pilgrim ought to enter into the state of Ihram. This really is completed by bathing, cutting nails and hair, wearing two straightforward white clothes. Just after getting into into the state of Ihram, factors like hunting, perfuming and sexual intercourse turn into prohibited.

Subsequent step will be to enter in to the Grand Holy Mosque of Mecca for Tawaf. It can be advised to enter into the mosque via Bab-as-Salam Gate from the Kaaba by putting your appropriate foot in to the mosque. Pilgrims should be inside the state of ablution for doing Tawaf of Holy Kaaba. Tawaf is began from Hijr-e-Aswad (Black Stone) inside the anti-clockwise path although reciting the supplications taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to his ummah. Males ought to keep their correct shoulder in the course of Tawaf of Kaaba that is called Iddtibaa. Around the completion of Tawaf, guys have to cover their suitable shoulder.

Right after Tawaf of Holy Kaaba, subsequent stage is usually to comprehensive seven rounds among two hills, Safa and Marwah, which can be known as Sa’i and it is a vital ritual of hajj and paket umrah obligation. Also recite the holy verses of Quran and supplications although standing on each hills and for the duration of Sa’i among them.

Right after the completion of Sa’i, pilgrims cut their hair. Men have to shave their heads or a minimum of shorten their hair. Ladies have to cut their hair up to one or two centimeters. This cutting of hair of pilgrims is usually a symbol to show that pilgrims have repented from their final sinful life and this can be a beginning of their new life under obedience and commandments of Allah (S.W.T).

Your Umrah is now full and pilgrims can now come out in the state of Ihraam and wear their each day garments. Also they are now absolutely free from just about every restriction in the state of Ihraam.

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